Steve Bendykowski

What is the Meaning?

To understand my paintings the main thing you need to know is that each painting is an allegory and documentary at the same time.

About the Art of Steve Bendykowski

I wander the countryside looking for subject matter that connects with me spiritually. In this regard I seem to follow artist Casper David Friedrich's advice that “A picture should not be invented; it must be found”. But I always have in mind the work of Hieronymus Bosch whose planned and purposeful works depicts sin and human moral failings.

Bosch and Friedrich

Back in my studio I work out the composition on the computer, making modifications and additions to suit my artistic vision. There is meticulous attention to every detail from the highest quality materials used to the accuracy of the drawing and application of paint. However, I allow the paint and my mood shape the final image as I am painting.

This blog entry may give you some insight into my artwork and what makes me tick: My Awakening.

Personal Information

I live and paint in obscurity far from art centers and galleries. It is a deliberate choice fuelled by my desire to keep my technique, subject matter, and message as free as possible from art fads and the influence of the business of art. By choice I paint full-time from my studio in rural Iowa and while roaming the country in a small RV.

If you already know me it will probably be by the shortened name I use: Steve Bendy. This is the name I used as a former business owner, information technology professional, and college professor. My given name is Bendykowski and that is what I have always used for my art. But it doesn't matter, call me whatever you like.

I have had the privilege knowing so many wonderful and talented people over the years – many of whom I have lost touch with. I would love to hear from you - please e-mail me!

Contact Info

Photographing the Paintings

Photographing the Paintings

I realize that very few will ever be able to see my paintings in person, so I go to extremes to make sure that the technical aspect of the reproductions are as close to the original painting as possible.