Steve Bendykowski

About the Art

After many years I realized that my paintings were allegorical in nature, but always documented a specific place. It is a bit of a paradox I know, but that is how I paint. Let me make this clear though... I did not make a rule or manifesto and then follow it. Rather, I follow my own spiritual and creative intuition.

Allegory AND Documentary at the same time

About the Art of Steve Bendykowski

About the Artist

Portrait of Steve Bendykowski

A former business owner, IT professional, and educator, I am now a full time artist dividing time between my home studio and roaming the countryside in my RV/ studio.

By choice, I live and paint in obscurity far from the art world and galleries. I have no fixed plans for my "art career" and am not intent on arriving.

Contact Information

If you are interested in purchasing my artwork or just want to say hi, contact me via e-mail. I answer all e-mails within 24 hours.